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Harbury Netball Club

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Harbury Netball Club

Postby Bruce Everiss » Wed 29 Sep 2010 6:28 pm

Harbury Netball Club
They have a website:

And events:

Thursday 21st October 7:30 PM : Shoot Out
Posted by Leah Wallington on Mon 27th Sep 10
Sponsored Shoot Out!!
Each member of the club will have one minute to shoot as many goals as possible! We have sixty junor and senior members this season, therefore how many goals can Harbury Netball Club score in one hour! Remember a netball team only has two shooters in a team of 7!!
It is a £1 a go and if you guess the score correctly you could walk away with £50!!
If you would like a go at guessing the amount of goals scored please see a club member before the 21st October.
The total scored and the winner(s) will be posted on here once all counted and checked!!

Saturday 23rd October 8:00 PM : Halloween Disco
Posted by Leah Wallington on Sun 26th Sep 10
Halloween Disco
At Harbury Rugby Club
Fancy Dress Optional, prize for the best costume!
If you would like tickets, Please see Leah, Paula or Beccy.
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