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Harbury beer festival 2009. 4&5 Sept

Tell everyone what is going to happen in the area. Pubs please use the pubs forum.

Harbury beer festival 2009. 4&5 Sept

Postby Bruce Everiss » Fri 31 Jul 2009 9:05 am

Harbury beer festival 2009:


* Village Hall
near Leamington Spa
CV33 9JE
* Friday 4th September 2009: 5.30pm-11pm £2*
* Saturday 5th September 2009: 11.30am-4pm £1*, 6pm-11pm £2*
* Refundable souvenir festival glass: £2
* Admission Package: £10 includes entrance fee, festival glass and beer tokens

The 2009 festival will feature 60+ beers sourced from Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire as well as the Heart of Warwickshire area.

Print out a poster: ... erF_A4.pdf

Beer list:

Brewery Beer Style ABV County
Alcazar Sherriff's Gold Bitter 3.6 Nottinghamshire
Alcazar Windjammer IPA Strong Ale 6.0 Nottinghamshire
Atomic Reactor Best Bitter 4.5 Warwickshire
Bateman Dark Mild Mild 3.0 Lincolnshire
Bateman Salem Porter Porter 4.7 Lincolnshire
Blue Bell Old Fashioned Best Bitter 4.8 Lincolnshire
Blue Cow Best Bitter Bitter 3.8 Lincolnshire
Brewster's Hophead Bitter 3.6 Lincolnshire
Brewster's Bellydancer Strong Ale 5.2 Lincolnshire
Castle Rock Preservation Fine Ale Best Bitter 4.4 Nottinghamshire
Castle Rock Sceech Owl Strong Ale 5.5 Nottinghamshire
Cathedral St. Hugh's Bitter 4.0 Lincolnshire
Cathedral Golden Imp Bitter 4.2 Lincolnshire
Caythorpe Stout Fellow Stout 4.2 Nottinghamshire
Church End Poachers Pocket Bitter 3.5 Warwickshire
Dark Tribe Dixie's Bollards Best Bitter (Ginger) 4.5 Lincolnshire
Dark Tribe Honey Mild Mild 3.6 Lincolnshire
Dark Tribe Dark Destroyer Strong Ale 9.7 Lincolnshire
Discovery Darwin's Delight Best Bitter 4.4 Warwickshire
Fugelestou Pride of Fulstow Best Bitter 4.5 Lincolnshire
Fugelestou Sledge Hammer Stout Stout 8.0 Lincolnshire
Full Mash FESTIVAL SPECIAL Elderflower??? 4.6 Nottinghamshire
Full Mash Ouija Mild 3.7 Nottinghamshire
Grafters Over The Moon Bitter 4.0 Lincolnshire
Grafton Lady Mary Strong Ale 5.0 Nottinghamshire
Griffin Inn Ere It Is Best Bitter 4.5 Warwickshire
Highwood Hop and Glory Bitter 3.6 Lincolnshire
Highwood Lincoln Imp Strong Ale 5.1 Lincolnshire
Holland Chocolate Clog Mild 3.8 Nottinghamshire
Hopshackle Caskadia Best Bitter 4.3 Lincolnshire
Hopshackle Historic Porter Porter 4.8 Lincolnshire
Hopshackle Double Momentum Strong Ale 7.0 Lincolnshire
Hopshackle Barley Wine Strong Ale 11.0 Lincolnshire
Idle Sod Bitter 4.0 Nottinghamshire
Leila Cottage Ace Ale Bitter 3.8 Lincolnshire
Magpie Fledgling Bitter 3.8 Nottinghamshire
Magpie JPA Strong Ale 5.2 Nottinghamshire
Mallard Duck and Dive Bitter 3.7 Nottinghamshire
Mallard Webbed Wheat Wheat Beer 4.3 Nottinghamshire
Malt B Proper English Ale (PEA) Bitter 3.6 Lincolnshire
Maypole Mae West Best Bitter 4.6 Nottinghamshire
Maypole Gate Hopper Bitter 4.0 Nottinghamshire
Milestone Raspberry Wheat Beer Fruit Beer 5.6 Nottinghamshire
Milestone Hammerhead Stout 5.2 Nottinghamshire
Newby Wyke Bear Island Best Bitter 4.6 Lincolnshire
North Cotswold Arctic Global Warmer Stout 15.0 Warwickshire
Nottingham Dreadnought Best Bitter 4.5 Nottinghamshire
Nottingham Clayton's Original Best Bitter 4.3 Nottinghamshire
Oldershaw Pearl Bitter 3.0 Lincolnshire
Oldershaw Regal Blonde Lager 4.4 Lincolnshire
Poachers Poachers Pride Bitter 4.0 Lincolnshire
Poachers Trout Tickler Strong Ale 5.5 Lincolnshire
Purity Mad Goose Best Bitter 4.3 Warwickshire
Riverside Dixon's Major Bitter Bitter 3.9 Lincolnshire
Rugby FESTIVAL SPECIAL Strong Dark Mild Called Knock On Mild 4.9 Warwickshire
Slaughterhouse Pale Ale Bitter 4.1 Warwickshire
Springhead Goodrich Castle Best Bitter 4.4 Nottinghamshire
Springhead Leveller Best Bitter 4.8 Nottinghamshire
Swaton Kiss Goodnight Best Bitter 4.5 Lincolnshire
Tunnel Linda Lear Beer Bitter 3.7 Warwickshire
Warwickshire Darling Buds Bitter 4.0 Warwickshire
Willy's Coxswains Special Best Bitter 4.9 Lincolnshire
Willy's Original Bitter Bitter 3.8 Lincolnshire
Melbourn Strawberry Bottled 355cl 3.4 Lincolnshire
Melbourn Cherry Bottled 355cl 3.4 Lincolnshire
Melbourn Raspberry Bottled 355cl 3.4 Lincolnshire
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Bruce Everiss
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Re: Harbury beer festival 2009. 4&5 Sept

Postby Bruce Everiss » Fri 31 Jul 2009 9:12 am

Saturday lunchtime entertainment Hereberg Morris.

Food available at all sessions

Stagecoach/County links bus 64 Leamington-Rugby passes the festival.
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Bruce Everiss
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Joined: Fri 2 May 2008 7:54 am

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