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Harbury Pre School

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Harbury Pre School

Postby Bruce Everiss » Sat 10 May 2008 8:14 am

New website:

"We are a small Pre-School situated in the centre of Harbury, offering high quality Pre-School education for children between the ages of 2 years 9 months and 4 years. We offer a high ratio of adults to children to allow for a focus on the needs of the individual child and offer a specially tailored curriculum that enables children to progress towards their early learning goals. We received a very strong Ofsted report in December 2006. We are registered with the local Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership and we contribute to the Partnership’s overall planning to provide education and care through the Foundation Stage."
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Bruce Everiss
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Re: Harbury Pre School

Postby Bruce Everiss » Sat 10 May 2008 8:20 am

Ofsted Report: ... &fileName=\\ey\\CB\\INTDC_200616_04012007.xml

"The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding and children are progressing extremely well through the stepping stones towards the early learning goals. Children benefit from the clear and comprehensive planning which is in place including staff deployment, resources needed, learning objectives and evaluations. Children are excited and motivated to learn and try new experiences as they move between the stimulating activities, with staff supporting and guiding them.

Children are extremely comfortable in their surroundings, and are excited and motivated to learn. They concentrate extremely well as staff re-visit the group rules before they listen to the story of the Nativity. Children are developing close friendships and improving their negotiating skills playing alongside and cooperatively with friends. With the enthusiastic guidance of staff, they select from the play available or request specific equipment, organising themselves to take turns and share, for example, as they create presents for Baby Jesus using a variety of tools and equipment. Children develop a respect for each other and property, as staff encourage kindness, good manners and thinking of others, and when they help to tidy up. They gain an understanding of their local community as they enjoy an Autumn walk and are visited by people who help them, for example, the Health Visitor talking about baby care. Children develop impressive independence skills as they help themselves to fruit, crackers and a drink at the 'snack bar', and clear away when they have finished. Children flourish and behave very well within the flexible busy routine.

Children are confident communicators, discussing their families and plans for the future, for example, as they talk about plans for the Nativity Song Time the next day. They appreciate the wide variety of books available to them and they are learning how to use books for facts and for stories. They love listening to a story using headphones and concentrate well and join in enthusiastically as they listen to 'Dog's Colourful Day'. The splendid use of name cards for self registration, on coat pegs and at the snack bar ensures that the children are challenged as they develop early reading skills. Older children are forming letters well as they label their work. Opportunities to write are being encouraged within imaginative play as children 'make notes'. Staff display skill as they extend the children's vocabulary as they look at patterns made by different scissor blades.

Children are offered many splendid opportunities to count during routine activities, for example, as they count heads at registration time and count dots on the dice. Planned and routine activities are used consistently to build upon the children's learning in solving problems as staff introduce mathematical language, for example, 'how many more do we need?'. They recognise numbers very well as they see clear displays throughout the nursery. Children learn about volume as they have lots of fun in water and sand play, counting the shells they find as they play. Patient and supportive teaching at the computer encourages children to recognise shapes alongside successfully developing skills using the mouse.

Children are thrilled and enthusiastic as they take part in a well-planned visit to local allotments. They learn about growing vegetables and looking after chickens. They subsequently enjoy looking at photographs of the visit and recording their thoughts. They make a thorough investigation of how a bicycle works, drawing diagrams with written explanations, gaining an excellent understanding. Children become more familiar with time as they discuss the make up of their families and events at home. They gain an understanding of others as they welcome new children and visitors into the nursery and as they celebrate a variety of festivals. Opportunities to use every day technical equipment are very good, including key boards, telephones and the computer. Their curiosity to discover about their world is supported as they use magnifying glasses to take a close look at leaves and conkers.

Children are offered a marvellous variety of creative activities to stimulate their imaginations and express their feelings with confidence. They create a colourful and interesting Christmas decorations using a marvellous variety of textures and colours and really enjoy creating the donkey costume for their production. Children respond with wonder to classical music carols and then sing their own carols enthusiastically and with joy. They anticipate their Nativity play, dressing up and acting out the story with confidence. Many different painting opportunities are offered to the children, giving them an understanding of colour and shape and enabling the children to express their feelings freely, for example, spray painting outside and creating paintings of themselves.

Children's achievements and progress are observed and recorded with great precision. Planning records are linked successfully to the stepping stones and observations are used to plan the next steps for a child's learning. Individual learning objectives are clear from children's records and work and staff deployment ensures children are excellently supported and challenged appropriately. Staff are very skilled at adapting learning to meet the needs of the individual child, ensuring that children with learning difficulties and children with disabilities, and children who speak English as an additional language are given appropriate consideration. Children are encouraged to concentrate very well on activities. Staff praise and encourage the children, who are happy and comfortable in the caring and stimulating learning environment where they feel valued as individuals."
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Re: Harbury Pre-School

Postby katysh » Tue 13 Jan 2009 8:19 pm

Hi everyone
I'm just posting to let you all know that Harbury Pre-School has launched a new, improved website so some of the links mentioned in posts before this may not lead anywhere. Our website address is and contains information both for current and prospective families. We take children aged 2yrs 9months up to school age on a sessional basis and pride ourselves on our high staff:pupil ratios. Please come and visit us on our website! Cheers, Katy (Pre-School Committee)
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