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The Church Bells of Warwickshire

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The Church Bells of Warwickshire

Postby Bruce Everiss » Tue 15 Jul 2008 8:54 am

One of those fantastic websites that is a goldmine of knowledge and well worth a visit:


".........A pleasant church with a stone and brick tower. The tower was rebuilt betweem 1811-13 at a cost of £1026 and a new ring of 5 supplied by Thomas Mears of Whitechapel, tenor 13-0-8 at a cost of £113/7/8, plus £5/1/3 for carriage and £2/8/0 for new ropes. There is a picture in the ringing room showing an unfulfilled plan to rebuild using stone, this plan including a spire. Prior to this the number of bells is uncertain. There were certainly three bells and a sanctus bell in 1552.............."

Bishop's Itchington:

".............However, a recent tower survey has shown that a considerable amount of work, well over £250,000, needs to be completed and there are worries that ringing the bells is not safe and therefore ringing was stopped after the Millennium was rung in. The ringing room floor is reportedly simply sitting on corbels and the concern is that these might fail. Stonework has also fallen from the tower........."


".......... A nice church in a nice village. Repairs to the old bells were carried out by Mears & Stainbank in 1935 and 1949. The present bells replace a much lighter ring of four............"


".............It is worth having a moment to look around it before ringing the pleasant bells. These were hung in an 8-bell frame by Gillett & Johnston at the time of the 1913 restoration. There is currently an appeal to fill the vacant pits. This will involve selling the overweight treble and adding three new bells.............."

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