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Philip Bushill-Matthews MEP

Philip Bushill-Matthews MEP

Postby Bruce Everiss » Fri 4 Jul 2008 1:47 pm

Conservative MEP for the West Midlands region.


Philip decided to enter politics after a successful career in manufacturing industry because he was getting fed up with being on the receiving end of more and more regulation. After the 1997 General Election, when Tony Blair signed up to the Social Chapter, it was clear that the flow of regulation could turn into a torrent. So he decided to try and do something about it: he put his name forward as a prospective candidate and was selected a few months later as number two on the Conservative list for his home region of the West Midlands. He was elected MEP in June 1999.

Personal Career History
1965 Joined Unilever
1976 Seconded to Thomas Lipton Inc, USA
1977 National Accounts Director Birds Eye Sales Ltd
1980 Managing Director Iglo Portugal (in Lisbon)
1981 Sales Director Birds Eye Wall´s Ltd
1986 Sales & Distribution Director Birds Eye Wall´s Ltd
1988 Director Van den Bergh & Jurgens Ltd, and Managing Director Craigmillar Ltd
1991 Managing Director Red Mill Snack Foods Ltd Wednesbury and Red Mill Company BV in the Netherlands (resigned Spring 1999 to campaign for European Parliament)
1999 Elected as a Conservative MEP for the West Midlands region.
2004 Re-elected as Conservative MEP for the West Midlands region. Conservative spokesman for Employment and Social Affairs.
Fellow of the Institute of Directors.
Past Council member of the Food & Drink Federation (FDF) and the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD).
Memberships: English Heritage, CPRE, Countryside Alliance.
Interests include: theatre, reading, enjoying the countryside

Telephone: 01926 612476
Fax: 01926 613168
Postal Address: The Manor House, Harbury, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV33 9HX ... tthews.htm ... sonID=3841

Deputy Leader of the UK Conservative Delegation
EPP-ED Coordinator on the Committee of Employment & Social Affairs (Conservative Party Spokesman)
Committee of Environment and Public Health (Substitute Member) and Sub-Committee for Human Rights
Vice-Chairman of the SME Circle
European Democratic Union (EDU) Employment Representative
Co-President of the Intergroup on Ageing
Joint ACP/EU Parliamentary Assembly (Substitute Member)
Member of the Delegation for relations with Iran, India and South Asia
Vice-President of the All-Party Group on Kashmir

The Gravy Train by Philip Bushill-Matthews
[with a foreword by William Hague]
The Gravy Train charts the progress of a businessman who quits a successful career to become a Member of the European Parliament.
Frustrated by increasing EU regulations made by politicians with no experience of the real world, he is astonished to find himself elected and aboard the 'gravy train' to Brussels. This candid and humorous account of what he found in his new role lays bare many of the excesses and bureaucratic bungling of the EU, from fraud and corruption to dotty directives.
In a foreword to the book, former Tory leader William Hague says: "Philip explains in an easy to read, light-hearted way what it is like to become an MEP and what difference individual MEPs can make. He shows how MEPs have to deal with whole rafts of legislation from the debate on the European Constitution to the Directive on how to climb a ladder. But, above all, The Gravy Train demonstrates the importance of electing a candidate with previous experience of real life."
Avoiding political jargon, it gives a clear insight into many current issues and frankly exposes full details of MEPs pay and expenses.
Love or loathe the EU, The Gravy Train is a must for anyone concerned about the enormous influence that the European Union has over our lives.
Real politicians may not like it at all.
Hardback (23.5cm x 15.7cm), 212 pages, illustrated. £15 or €25 (ISBN 09544233-2-1) PUBLICATION: September 2003 For further details, contact the Polperro Heritage Press: 018868 12304 E-mail:

Who Rules Britannia? by Philip Bushill-Matthews
A new publication that carries a more serious message to his previous book, The Gravy Train.
"Many People believe that they were misled into voting for a Common Market back in 1975, yet now find themselves part of an 'ever closer union'," says Philip Bushll-Matthews. "They feel victims of a great deception. This book decribes in a clear, down-to earth manner the challenges and achievements of EU membership and the pitfalls of leaving. It shows how UKIP supporters have indeed been deceived - but not at all how they imagined".
Paperback (19.5 cm x 13cm), 148 pages.
£9.95 (ISBN 09549137-0-1)

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