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The "public service" gravy train.

The "public service" gravy train.

Postby Bruce Everiss » Sun 3 Jan 2010 9:46 am ... 974029.ece

Public sector workers earn 7% more on average than their peers in the private sector — a pay gulf that has more than doubled since the recession began.

Official figures show that staff employed by the state are enjoying bigger pay rises, working fewer hours and receiving pensions worth up to three times as much as those in the private sector.

Civil servants, National Health Service staff, council officials and other public sector workers have enjoyed a “golden age” under Labour, according to an investigation by The Sunday Times..............

Since Labour came to power in 1997, the number of public sector workers has increased by 914,000 to more than 6m, just over a fifth of the workforce.

Figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that average annual earnings of public sector workers rose to £22,405 last year — compared with £20,988 paid to the average private sector worker.....................more

Public Sector Private Sector
Average pay £22,405 £20,998
Productivity change (97-07) -3.4% +28%
Employer pension contributions 19.4% 6%
Average annual payrise 2.8% 1.1%
Average Retirement Age 58 65
Average sick days 9.7 6.4
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Bruce Everiss
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Re: The "public service" gravy train.

Postby Harbury Lad » Wed 6 Jan 2010 7:46 pm

How about viewing this as "public sector respects its workforce"? Rather than posting something which appears to be very critical of the public sector, it should be commended that over the past 12 years, ordinary working men and women have seen long overdue improvements in their terms and conditions and what it shows is how poorly some in the private sector still treat their most valuable asset, i.e. their staff! (I don't work in the PS btw, I run my own business..)
Harbury Lad
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Re: The "public service" gravy train.

Postby Bruce Everiss » Tue 12 Jan 2010 7:49 am

It is amazing how the snow affects the ability of different people, neighbours even, to get to work. :D :D

Professional, managerial and self employed workers: Very high probability of getting to work in the snow.
Private sector employees: High probability of getting to work.
Public sector employees other than teachers: Low probability of getting to work.
Teachers: No probability of getting to work.
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Bruce Everiss
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