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What is Harbury Village Buzz

Introduce yourself to this online community here.

What is Harbury Village Buzz

Postby Bruce Everiss » Sun 11 May 2008 11:43 am

Harbury Villagebuzz is a forum. The content is what the members post here. Which can be anything that is legal and family friendly.
The forum is free to join and free to use. Eventually I may put some adverising here to help pay for it.

The first step is to register as a member of this forum. You'll get to choose a name you want to be known by, and you're asked to fill in some administrative details related to your membership.
On the registration page there are also a whole bunch of boxes to fill in for esoteric things like ICQ numbers and whether or not you want to allow BBCode. If you don't know what this stuff is, don't worry -- just ignore it. All we actually need from you is your choice of username and password and your email address (which, of course, we don't share with anyone).

I run another, successful, forum, for artists:
From this I can tell you that forums are fantastic communities. And the more people that join and the more that they post the better the forum becomes.
We have an opportunity here to create a great online community for the area.
But it won't happen on it's own. It needs people to join and to contribute.
So, please join now, introduce yourself and join in the conversations.

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Bruce Everiss
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